Providing Your Industrial And Education Solution In Industry 4.0

Industrial Automation

We create the most useful and efficient machine system and services in many aspects of industrial needs ranging from material handing, production, and packaging Together with training and after market sales services and supports.

Robotic Application

Vortex MES 4 0 is a leading supplier in precision automation specialist and robotics to a wide variety of manufacturing industries, including electronics, automotive, medical, consumer products, industrial and many more.

Warehouse Management & Automation

Vortex MES Standard Robots focuses on AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) R&D and manufacturing, applying broad and self development technologies including robot positioning algorithm, operation system and robot controller Our main business involves laser SLAM navigation AMR and flexible industrial logistics solution.

What's New

Custom Machine Assembly ( Cap Loading)

A cap loading machine is a machine that uses a palletizing system. A cap loading machine is used to stack the material named “cap” onto a jig and adjust its orientation.

Automatic Warehouse Trainer MES-SMI-B235

PLC dan HMI telah menjadi hal yang lumrah di industri manufaktur sebagai sistem kontrol otomasi dasar. PT MES Teknologi Indonesia memiliki dua versi PLCHMI yaitu MES-PLCHMI-B215 dan MES-PLCHMI-B235.

Intermediate Automatic Pick and Place MES-COMPACT-A201

Salah satu product dari VMES 4.0 produksi Vortex Technology Group adalah MES-COMPACT-A201 MES-COMPACT-A201 Pick and Place merupakan mesin dengan teknologi terbaru yang berguna untuk meningkatkan efisiensi dalam kegiatan perkenalan dan pembelajaran mengenai industri 4.0

About Us

 Vortex-MES 4.0 was started with PT. Vortex Energy Batam that established in 2010 and has already expended our business by establishing Cikarang unit office PT. Vorteks Teknologi Indonesia in 2012 and PT. MES Teknologi Indonesia in 2021 located at Batam, Kepulauan Riau.