Machine Vision

Hikrobot logistic vision solutions, composed of smart barcode reader, 3D camera, special designed lightsource and self-developed code reading software, have been deployed in every logistics process, such as inbound, distribution, sorting, outbound, etc. They give a perfect answer to the problem that modern logistics industry is facing. With high efficiency, high accuracy and traceability, Hikrobot logistic vision solutions satisfy the need of automation and informatization. That’s what we can do to help you bring your business to next level.

1. Visual Tracking Management
Comprehensively supervise the key production nodes, trace back the visual problem scene accurately, and improve the efficiency of customer complaint processing.

2. Automatic Sensing Of Cargo Information
Relying on the al cloud technology framework, tge package is automatically weighed, volume measured, barcode recognized, and the data is fused and transmtted to the system server.

3. Logistics Preception
HikRobot is based on al fpr technology empowerment, and uses deep learning and multi-dimensional sensing technology to realize barcode reading. OCR identification and volume measurement of packages.

4. Single Piece Separation System
The traditional DWS system needs manual unloading in turn. which is inefficient.

Supplier of Machine Vision Device and Algorithm Software Platform

Focus On Embedded Hardware Technology and Underlying  Algorithm Software Development.

Multidimensional Perception
Artificial Intellegence
Big Data
Cloud Computing
Area Scan Camera Full Resolution _ Rich Interfaces
Line Scan Camera High-Frequency Transmission
Smart Camera Autonomous Self-Training With all
Smart Camera Deep learning _ Excellent Decoding
3D Camera Built-in algorithm Platform
Vision Box Intergrated Peripheral Control
Vision Components High cost Performance
Lens High-definition Imaging